Friday, October 29, 2004

Buy a Giant Backpack

"That sounds like a good idea!"
She said to me with a reassuring voice,
That told me everything was going to be ok!
And it was... for the most part.
Her Faith carried me once again
For the millionth time today alone.
In her eyes you could see the Love she had.
She held with me through the whole thing.
When we had finally gotten everything we needed the phone rang.
Unexpectadly it was her...
It was my Friend...
Her voice gave me unbelievable pleasure.
Come over," she said to me,"the both of you!"
To Be Continued...

You'll Never Have To Do That Stuff

The car seemed rather weird.
I got out of the parking space fine
But when it came time to get on the street I stoppped.
What was I supposed to do now?
Where was I supposed to go?
My WHOLE WORLD disapeared,
Luckily I was able to keep the memory of my own name
Or I'd have forgotten it too!
We sat there in our own Worlds.
And in our own Worlds we sat for a long time!
I asked quesitons like
Where do i go now?
What do I do now?
Is there a certain place I'm supposed to be???
The answers she didn't have for me...
Sadly I had to be the first one to say something
Becaus she was going through it too.
"What can we do now?"
To my relief she actually replied
"Why don't we make her something?"
"OK then we'll run by my apartment I'll get my stuff,
Then we can go by yours and make her something!"
To Be Continued...

Thursday, October 28, 2004

I Never Wanna Do That Stuff

Knowing she was near me was enough to supress a world of worrying.
"What has she been through?" I thought to myself.
I had gotten so worked up about just being there
That once I was there I didn't know what to do.
The lady gave us a suggestion to go home and come back later.
So we did.
Oh how she was there for me even through her own pain!
She carries me on her wing to the car
Not knowing how much she already at this point meant to me!
Chocolate Doesn't Even Compare...
To Be Continued...

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Yeah Never is Enough!

We finally reached our destination and we found our friend.
There she was in her bed with a towel rapped around her hair.
My friend, my sister looked so small.
I never wanted to see her this way.
Now she was something I'd never seen her as before,
Oh how we both hurt.
I shamefully asked in my head where God was in this,
And was quickly answered.
She had the strength to ask the questions
To hold my hand,
To lead me back home.
To Be Continued...

Monday, October 25, 2004

I think Never is enough!

So I'm writing a story tell me what you think as I go along!

Her face was so round when she stepped out on the curb.
Without knowing it she had entered my life with a big thud.
When we got out of the car she headed to the wrong door,
She'd only been there once before this.
As she humbly allowed me to point her in the right direction
I remember thinking how glad I was she was there.
God constantly uses her faith to remind me He's there!
I asked the dreadful question and got the worst answer.
It was a parallel universe on the 4th floor.
So many people...
So much pain...
Such little information...
To Be Continued...

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

when I look to the sky something tells me you're here and when I'm feeling alone something tells me you're here with me and I can always find my way when you are here!
while I boat upon this ocean i can feel you like a notion that I hope will never leave.
With you I can spread my wings and see over everything
When i feel like I know you'll never love me then you'll wanna show me!
I've never asked you what you want you're just gonna have your way
If Tomorrow never happens I'm desperate for one truth to know that you have loved me
As I sit upon my deck and wonder through this day that never ends I don't think of you. An acheivement long awaited forgetting the one Truth that I have always Loved you
Single hesitation with a single reservation, even if I enver see your face then wings take you away from me and tomorrow never happens if the fate throws you on your knees and desperate for one truth know that I have Loved you
She'll hang the baskets on the walls don't you know i've seen it all before!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Megan Johnson

"God only knows what I'd be Without!"

The Reason i won't is cause you've turned into some houty touty Yankee Wench and I'd like Nothing more than to Piss You Off!!

"No, I'm not your wife. I'm just the first girl to have climbed into the back of
your truck. But you're right I have changed."

A very good quote in my opinion. No matter how extreme it got or
how far two people have gone doesn't make it right and it doesn't make it
better. Things are bound to change either for the better or the worse you simply choose how hard it is and how rough the road!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Things I don't want to say But I have to say them Anyway!

Can you see me blow in above your head? As you lay in bed thinking about everything that you did not do cause saying I Love You has nothing to do with Meaning it! And I don't trust you cause everytime you're here your intentions are unclear. I spend every hour waiting for a phone call that I know will never come. I used to think you were the one... Now I'm sick of thinking anything at all. You ain't never comming back to me and that's not how this was supposed to be. Do you remember the way we used to talk, do you remember the way it felt when i used to listen to you cause I remember very well! How long has it been since someone you let in has given what I gave to you. And at night when you sleep do you dream I would be there just for a minute or two. Do you hope I just had so much. A simple Love with a complex touch. And there is nothing you can say or do I'm going to let you know I'm through with you. I ain't never comming back to you.
When you refuse me you confuse me. What makes you think I'll let you in again. Think again my friend. You all misuse me and abuse me. I'll come out stronger in the end! Does it make you sad to find yourself alone? Does it make you mad to find that I have grown? Bet it hurts so bad to see the strength that I have shown!!! When you answer the door or pick up the phone you won't find me cause I'm not coming home! You do not know how much this hurts me to say these things that I don't want to say but I have to say them anyway. I would do anything to end your suffering but you still walked away.

Monday, October 04, 2004

I Skipped Chapel For This

Yeah my blogsite! Look Meghead I got a Blogsite!!!