Monday, November 29, 2004

I love you

Just thought I'd leave you a little present... Kisses!! Empress Megan... Peace out Princess!!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

I have photographic memory. I just don't have any film...

I Love Jesus I don't need anything between him and me! He is all around you not in a building! Look under a rock and you will find him; split a piece of wood and he is there!

Countless Hours

How many moments do you spend on the most important things to you?
I have now spent an entire week rekindling the support that a friend once considered unbreakable!
Megan is well, and so Am I!
I think now would be the moment to say "speak or forever hold your peace"
Now is the time to tell me anything you may have done to hurt me intentionally or not, anything you may have lied about, anything I may have done and it pissed you off. Tell me now, for right now in the next few days before Christmas break are the chances I'm going to give you. Yes You whoever you are that is reading my blog!
Don't tell me online or through someone else.
Tell me to my face or if nothing else then through a hand written note, At least then it'll be incredably personal!
I am sorry if I have hurt you, please let me know if there's anything I can do for you no matter what it is.
Whether you want to smuggle a fish into the dorm to giving you my shoes cause your poor and you have no other foot wear!
I Love You all and will see you all very very soon!
I have to give a shout out to Kraus because you just might be my last straight male friend!
Carrie, I'm so crashing at your place! You better get back before Sunday night!
Jessie, Oh you know you need me. I will call when i get back in!
Josh, Go get her Tiger then call me I'll be with Carrie and Jessie!
In the Famous Words of Megan
"Piece Out Princess"

Thursday, November 25, 2004

I Can't Help It!

Why is there always something that can easily hurt your feelings? Why do we feel so insecure about certain things? How come anyone could hurt me just by telling me I can't do soemthing that I HAVE to do to understand things. It's a frickin learning disability and I can't get away from it!!!! I Hate That So Much!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Air Force
I tell you if there weren't so many
Hot Men in the Air Force I'd say To Heck
with all the armed forces!
But they're all just SO CUTE!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Old Friends

Isn't it weird when old X's or friends come talk to you?
My X is now talking to me about his now x-girlfriend and honestly I'm insecure. I can only talk about certain things with him. And then he just Breaks out practically in song about this X and I give advice and now I feel like he's grown enough to tell him about my past 4 years. But NO I have to feel insecure don't I???
I'm Still In Love With Him...
*Sigh* This sucks!

Monday, November 22, 2004

Bring it on!

Go on ahead everyone drop a dead gum bombshell. Go on ahead you think you can take me down. I don't think so.

Close best friend is as confused as a Squirrel at a Polar Bear Convention.
What the freak else you guys want to tell me? Go on ahead not much else could kick my rear as bad as that phone call today.
"Wanna a Bombshell?"
What do you think Stupid???
I hate You ALL!

Sunday, November 21, 2004


ViciToRY is MINE!
I'm with Megan I'm with Megan Nana Boo Boo!
I think I've just about called Jessie and Carrie everyday so far too!
I guess I have a stronger relationship with them than I thought I had!
That's ok Cause I don't mind in the least!
I had India food today!
It was really good.
There was this one dish that after I tasted it I knew it had garlic well apparently during the meal I forgot and ate some more of it so I've been pretty asthmatic today!
Aren't I funny?
Church was beyond awesome.
They sung All in All and it sounded so much better than the way we sing it at Harding!
I've forgotten what it was like to be in Church!
Either way I miss everyone.
Expecially the Radio crew!
But I'm glad I'm with Megan.
Oh Oh I have a funny story!
So I forgot my shoes at school right?!
Well Megan bought me new shoes and it turned out that they were a third of the price we thought so i got them in Black AND Brown!
How awesome am I?
I have also seen ALL of ya'lls Christmas presents before you have!
Na Na Na Na Boo Boo!
I will get online when Megan is at work, which means I'm online everyday but Wednesday and Thursday, unless she gets called in and she will, So leave me a message I'll get it when Meg-Head Leaves!
I hope all of ya'lls breaks have been as great as mine has been so far!
Just remember...
*clears Throat*
I Love you Carrie and Jessie!
Keep me in your hearts!

Thursday, November 18, 2004



Con's: I'm gonna miss Carrie, Jessie, Kraus, Drew, Ashley, Josh, Robin, and TJ!

Funny shirt idea for the night: "69: If I'm Going Down, I'm Taking You With Me"

Song of the Night: Remember Me

Sadness of the night: Trey

See you guys in 9 days!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

The Night in Question

A lot of questions were asked tonight that were totally awesome and rocked but one in particular is on my mind. "If you had to kill someone who would it be and why?" My response "Dean Huckabee she has no consideration for people, she doesn't even care. I wouldn't mind it even if she went to Heaven in fact I hope she does but I don't think she should be here anymore!" Of course it was a lot choppier and much more swaring but honestly it made me think. Why doesn't she care? If I went and told her what she has done to me over the past few years would she care at all? And I think probabley not, but if I did and she had no form of remorse then it would prove that she didn't and I don't think i could handle that right now. I don't think that I could take knowing for sure that she didn't give a flying FUCK about anyone. Liability my Ass! Fuck you Bitch! You've ruined over 2 years of my life because of your inconsideration to feelings emotional and psycological state of God following servnats! She is the reason I have back-slid! Megan was an instauration for the help I needed to becoming more pure! And I was doing very well NO Thanks to her Power driven self!!!!! But there has to be a lesson in all of this right?! At least I believe so. But where is it? I knew I could do it without Megan and I knew that I could live without Megan. But she gave me such confidence I didn't have before she showed and was in the process of showing me things I couldn't ever see with my plank filled eyes. Screw you Dean Huckabee!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Response to Life

A lot of things have happened in my life since Megan went home! How much harder can it get? I know I need nothing but God, but this world seems very good at convincing me of something different! Everyone out there forgive me of anything I've done against you in the past or may do in the future. Please provide me with the support I have been needing for a second until I am able to stand on my own.

James 4:4You [Jer 2:2; Ezek 16:32] adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with [James 1:27] the world is [Rom 8:7; 1 John 2:15] hostility toward God? [Matt 6:24; John 15:19] Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.

To My Girls

For Meg-Head:
You cannot be happy with a woman who pronounces the first d in Wednesday
-Peter De Vries-
For Carrie:
Some Women are not as young as they are painted
-Max Beerbohm-
For Jessie:
I cannot tell you if genius is hereditary, because heaven has granted me no offspring
-James McNeil Whistler-

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sew a Flag on the Back

My friend answered the door with a HUGE smile on her face.
A sea of confusion swept over me.
"Have i been dreaming for the last 24 hours?" I thought
"Or did that really happen?"
And to everyones dismay it had.
All of that had been real.
All the worrying,
The Sleepless night,
The long Domesticated morning,
Her face,
Her Faith,
The Wrong Door,
The 4th Floor,
The phone call.
To My Terror Everything Had Been Real!
But it wasn't over.
The trial had just begun.
But sadly this story is through,
The hardship is hard
And the road is long
But I will make it someday!
Here I am to stay,
With a friend in both arms,
And another one on the way!

-Dedicated to three very important people: Megan Johnson, Thank you for all you have given me, just remember I'm still here and I am fine you take care of You! Jessie Floyd, Keep on Keepin on you're the best thud that ever happened to me! Carrie Schwiger, You deserve so much and you are my after story!-