Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A seriouse come back

Do to a single request by the best friend I've ever had I've decided to update!
I become a Certified Nurses Assisstant On Tuesday and plan to work in the Trauma Center in Asheville. I also plan to go on to get my RN in 2 years.

In 3 months I'm going to buy myself a Mini Cooper, that's after I send money I owe to certain Harding people who have waited for a long time for it!

"I am Jacks complete lack of Surprise!"

The most interesting part of my job is the special units I get to work in. Of all of them I liked surgery the most. I've considered becoming and anisthesia Tech but that's so seperated from the patients experience. But who relaly knows. All we can do is set goals and strive to reach them all the rest fills in the gaps.

My parents are still building their house, and those of you who have spoken to me recently know that I'm still in a 40 foot RV with BOTH of my parents and I sware I could kill them in their sleep! But then again some people live in like 1,100 square foot houses and still can't handle their parents! So I'm doing Awesome... heheheheh!

other news is I've joined netflix, still e-mailing sean, Lost a cat about a month ago (she got killed by a lawn mower), had another cat (Libby) disapear and then showed back up 3 days later completely bruised and tired, she layed around for the next week and finally revived herself and hasn't strayed far since, my dad got a big time manager job like his old one in texas, I quit my job a wal-mart (obviousely), I've kind of made friends out here, and can't wait till Jessie heads my way!

That about wraps it out ladies and gentlemen if you've got questions feel free to ask I'll get back to you as soon as I can!